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Registration for 40 Days Luke Lenten Study
This year for Lent we would like you to join us on an adventure and a challenge to read the book of Luke in 40 days.  Together, the pastors and the congregation at Lake Deaton Campus, will read together, study together and listen together to what the Book of Luke has to tell us though this interactive email based study.  40 Days Luke, A Lenten Study is an opportunity for us all to develop a daily habit of reading and engaging with the Bible.  
This study will start on Wednesday, March 6, Ash Wednesday.  On that Wednesday, you will receive your first daily email.  Each email will include your daily reading assignment, a short teaching video from one of our pastors, questions for you to consider and a daily take-away activity to complete sometime during the day.  Our goal is that everyone at Lake Deaton Campus will sign up to be part of this study.  
Complete the form on the following page to be added to this study.
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